Controller damage factors of electric vehicle parts

Controller of electric vehicle parts damage factors generally include the following:

1. the power device is damaged

2. controlling the internal power supply is damaged

3. intermittent controller

4. connect lines induced by wear and poor connector contact or fall off control signal is lost

Here is the controller above detailed analysis of damage factors

Damage controller for power devices, there are several possibilities:

Motor damage caused by power device caused by poor quality or selection of grades is not enough in itself, device installation or vibration caused by loose, motor overload caused by power device driver corrupted or caused by unreasonable design of parameter.

Controller internal power supply is damaged, there are several possibilities: internal circuit controller, peripheral control short circuit, outer leads short circuit.

Short continued when the controller works, there are several possibilities: parameter drifts in a hot or cold environment the device itself, control certain devices design power itself into the local temperature of the device protection status, contact

Connector wear and poor connector contact or fall off, there are several possibilities: wire selection is unreasonable, incomplete protection of the wire and connector selection is not good, wiring harness and connectors crimping loose