Electric Vehicle Controller function

Ultra-mute Design technology: Unique current control algorithm can be applied to any controller brushless electric vehicle motor, and has a considerable control effect, improve the general adaptability of the electric vehicle controller, so that the electric vehicle motor and controller no longer need to match.

Constant current control technology: Electric vehicle controller to plug the current and dynamic running current completely consistent, to ensure the battery life, and improve the electric vehicle motor starting torque.

Automatic identification of Motor mode system: Automatic identification of electric vehicle motor's commutation angle, Hall phase and motor output phase, as long as the controller's power cord, turn line and brake line is not wrong, can automatically identify the motor input and output mode, can save the brushless electric vehicle motor wiring trouble, greatly reduced the use of electric vehicle controller requirements.

Servo ABS system: With the reverse charge/car eabs braking function, the introduction of automotive-grade eabs technology, to achieve the eabs brake mute, soft effect, no matter at any speed to ensure the comfort and stability of the brakes, will not appear the original ABS in the low speed situation brake brakes, Completely without damage to the motor, reduce mechanical braking force and mechanical brake pressure, reduce the brake noise, greatly increase the safety of the vehicle braking, and braking, deceleration or downhill when the eabs generated by the energy feedback to the battery, play a reverse charging effect, so that the battery maintenance, prolong battery life, increase the mileage, Users can adjust their eabs braking depth according to their riding habits.