Electric Vehicle Controller System composition

The control system of electric vehicle motor is generally composed of motor, power converter, sensor and electric vehicle controller. The electric vehicle motor control system should choose the appropriate microprocessor system according to the complexity of its control algorithm. Relatively simple to choose SCM Controller, complex can use DSP controller, the latest emergence of the motor-driven special chip can meet some auxiliary system motor control needs. for electric vehicle motor Controller, it is more complex to use DSP processor.

Control circuit mainly includes the following parts: control chip and its drive system, ad sampling system, power module and its driving system, hardware protection system, position detection system, busbar support capacitor.

The power main circuit adopts the three-phase inverter whole bridge as shown in Fig. 4-32, in which the main power switch device is IG-BT. Under the condition of high current and high frequency switch, the stray inductance from electrolytic capacitor to power switch module has a great influence on the power circuit energy consumption and the peak voltage of the module, so the multilayer bus base plate makes the stray inductance of the circuit as small as possible to meet the characteristics of low voltage and large current in the control system.