Failure reason of electric vehicle controller

Electric bikes have a lot of inconspicuous, but important widgets, and the electric bike controller is one of them. Although the controller is not noticeable, but your electric bicycle start, retreat, stop can rely on it. So what causes the failure of the electric vehicle controller?

1, power device damage;

The damage of power devices, generally have the following several possible: motor damage caused by the power of the quality of the device itself or the use of inadequate grade caused by the device installation or vibration loosening caused by overload, power device driver circuit damage or unreasonable parameter design caused.

2, the controller internal power supply damage;

Controller internal power supply damage, generally have the following several possible: Controller internal circuit short-circuit, peripheral control components short-circuit, external lead short circuit.

3. When the controller is working, it is intermittent;

When the controller works, there are several possible: the device itself in the high temperature or low temperature environment parameter drift, the controller overall design power consumption caused some parts of the device local temperature too high to make the device itself into a protective state;

4, the connection line wear and the connector is bad or fall off caused by loss of control signal.

Connector wear and contact with the plug-in bad or fall off, generally have the following several possible: wire selection is unreasonable, the protection of the wire is not complete;