Electric Bicycle Controller Make It In Good Contact

Electric Bicycle Controller Make it in good contact

Share a few electric vehicle controller maintenance methods

First, the battery charge is not charged or insufficient power

1, the battery life end: replace or repair the battery;

2, the battery fuse inside the fuse cut: replace the fuse;

3, the battery fuse and the insurance between the bad contact: adjust the two positions to make it good contact, or replace the fuse;

4, the charger no output voltage or output voltage is low: replace or repair the charger;

5, charger and AC 220V power supply bad: re-plug the power supply;

6, the charger indicator light caused by false fill: replace or repair the charger.

Second, the dashboard power indicator does not light and the motor is running normally

1, the dial between the positive and negative lead between the voltage: poor contact with the connector or lead circuit: re-plug or change;

2, LED damage: replace or repair the luminous tube;

3, dial circuit board circuit: replace or repair instrument circuit board.

Third, the motor when the switch to stop

1, the battery power shortage: to the battery charge;

2, the battery contact bad: adjust the contact position or polished contact;

3, the battery box inside the fuse and the insurance room contact bad: adjust or replace to make it good;

4, the speed of the handle inside the photosensitive film inside the photosensitive tube dirt: cleaning or replacement of photosensitive film, wipe the light tube, still can not rule out the failure: replace the speed control handle;

5, the controller is faulty: replace or repair the controller;

6, speed control handle wire is broken: replace or repair the lead;

7, brake power switch failure: adjust or replace the brake power switch;

8, the power supply lock after the poor contact: replace or repair the power lock;

9, the line connector plug: re-plug, make it in good contact;

10, the motor inside the carbon brush, wire, winding Weld, virtual connection: repair or replace the motor.