Electric Companies Want To Go Out Of The Country, In Fact, Really Not Easy

Electric car harder to sell in China, many companies want to go abroad to make a.

Ideal is very good, the reality is cruel.

Do you have a good product?

Do you comply with product standards in foreign countries?

You can do the service?

If not, sorry, that was the moment, "one House do not sweep sweep the world".

Emma are exported to Europe and overseas markets in Germany, Australia, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia and Switzerland set up shop, so that "CHINA AIMA" to the world.

The electric car industry under the new normal, "going out" is a turning point, may be the inevitable result of the development of enterprises.

Now, some business OEM, buy foreign small and medium enterprises, layout development in foreign countries.

These methods are possible, but most of all, companies should have the brand strength and strength of products.

That complies with the foreign market research and development, productivity

Product is the key to marketing in the domestic manufacturing industry generally promote "made in China" level, electric cars to export a smooth and sustainable development capability and competitiveness, we need to fully guarantee the quality of the product.