Electric Tricycle Controller Other Metal Body Contact

Electric Tricycle Controller Other metal body contact

Controller in the primary loop power switch tube work in larger current status, as the heating device, and fit for the enclosed, the installation position of controller should consider the matter

1. The installation position of controller should have good thermal environment and conditions, as far as possible to install in a well ventilated place or with other metal body contact, and heat dissipation.

2. The location of electric vehicle controller manufacturer should try to choose the little vibration when electric vehicles, to prevent the shaking force of the road for a long time because of too much lead to its internal components loose pin or welding, to avoid due to poor contact trigger controller intermittent work happens or doesn't work.

3. To slow the dangers of driving electric shock caused by the controller, its at the bottom of the box body can be paid when installing the controller damping materials (such as sponge).

4. As a result of the controller box body integrated circuit chips, patch type electronic components solder joints and printing line, once the rain easy be affected with damp be affected with damp short circuit fault occur, to the work of controller can't work normally or not. Therefore, in order to prevent the controller box body because of the untight seal or cracks have appeared on the rain infiltration, the controller of the installation location should avoid to rain or flooding.

5. In order to prevent the controller because of the box body can't heat dissipation and cause damage, the controller of the box body is not allowed to use any thing; Space cannot install controller adopts the method of piling up of other objects is fixed, the box body with one or both sides of the best metal box body contact, to increase the conduction heat dissipation area.

A: when the electric brush controller no output

1, set the multimeter to + 20 (DC) gear, to measure the brake of the output signal is high, the low potential.

2, such as knead brake handle, the gate signal more than 4 v potential changes, can eliminate brake failure.

3, then according to the foot brush controller commonly used world function table, and measure the voltage value of main control logic chip times people circuit analysis, and check the chip peripheral device (resistor, capacitor, diode) numerical is consistent and components on the surface of the logo.

4, final inspection of peripheral device or integrated circuit malfunction, we can change the same device to troubleshoot.

2: when electric brushless controller has no output

1, with reference to the brushless motor controller main phase check the measurement chart, the multimeter + 50 v, dc voltage test whether no.6 MOS tube grid voltage and the rotation Angle of the corresponding relationship.

2, if not, the PWM circuit in the controller or MOS tube driving circuit fault.

3, with reference to the main phase brushless controller check figure, measuring whether the voltage input and output pins of the chip and is corresponding to the rotation Angle, chips can determine which is faulty, replace the same chip can troubleshoot.

3: when the electric brush controller control unit of the power supply is not normal

1, electric vehicle controller internal power generally adopted a three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit, commonly with 7805, 7806, 7812, 7815, three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit, the output voltage is 5 v, 6 v, 12 v and 15 v.

2, set the multimeter in DC voltage + 20 V (DC) gear, black pens and a multimeter and red pens and turn on the black line and red line respectively, observe whether the multimeter reading is consistent with the nominal voltage, the fluctuation voltage difference should not be more than 0.2 V.

3, otherwise it means internal power failure the controller, general can brush controller by changing the three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit troubleshooting.

4: when the brushless electric vehicle controller lacks

Electric power brushless controller with the brake handle failure can refer to troubleshooting methods to rule out first, brush controller for brushless controller, and its unique fault phenomena, such as lack of phase. Brushless electric vehicle controller lacks phenomenon can points is given priority to the phase lack and hall of phase two cases.

1, the main phase of phase detection method can be reference to electric brush controller speed fault elimination process, test for a breakdown MOS tube, brushless controller MOS tube breakdown is generally a phase two pair of MOS tube breakdown at the same time, when replaced to ensure the change at the same time. Check the measurement point.