Sine Wave Controller Control Of Motor Speed

Sine Wave Controller Control of motor speed

Controller refers to the control of motor speed electric cars inside one of the important parts, was a core part of the electric car electric system, main control motor speed, is the electric energy management system and the core parts of various kinds of signal processing. In the electric car industry controller are also required to have the brake power, under-voltage protection, undervoltage back appreciation set over-current protection and so on a series of corresponding protection function.

Electric vehicle controller can also be divided into brush brushless controller and a controller. Brushless controller, relying on electronic commutation, the complexity of the circuit are also much higher than a brush controller, so its manufacturing cost and manufacturability is much higher than a brush controller.

A brush controller detection:

(1) power off with diode detection

A red pens and to accept the positive, black pen controller power input cathode, charging phenomenon as normal, short circuit is damaged.

B red controller power input cathode, black red, yellow, green, short circuit is damaged.

C controller power input cathode red pen, black pen anode should be 400-700 motor parameters.

D red pens and motor cathode, black pens and connect the anode controller, parameters should be 100-100.

E turn red, black, green, should not have short circuit phenomenon.

(2) electricity measurement

F power input is negative detection controller is more than 36 v with 48 v voltage.

G to test whether to turn off the electricity supply more than 5 v voltage.

H turn the turn, whether detecting voltage from 0.8 V to 4.2 V.

I turn the transfer voltage detection controller output.

(3) the controller should stop output short circuit brake is broken wire

Brushless controller detection:

A, power test

1, whether the power input is negative short circuit detection controller

2, winding line detection controller parameters:

With A black pens and meet positive, with yellow, green, blue three red pens and respectively contact winding thread that parameters between 400-700

Repeat steps 2 B

3, hall signal detection: with black pens and the black, red pens and red, yellow, green, blue four wires, should have no fault

Second, the current detection

1, whether the power input voltage detection controller has more than 36 v, 48 v) voltage;

2, test hall signal lines have 5-7 v voltage;

3, testing the power supply is more than 5 v power supply;

4, turn the turn, detection signal lines on whether the changes between 0.8 4.2 V.

At present in the electric vehicle market mainstream brand of electric brushless and hall of controller, has joined the digital frequency conversion control CPU chip, it not only has high sensitivity, stable and reliable performance, etc, and at the same time also with the function of effectively reducing the noise of motor.